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II have an incurable genetic disease called Polycystic Kidney
Disease (PKD). It took the life of my mother and my brother and
now threatens mine.
With the progression of my disease, my health is deteriorating. Without
a new kidney, I’ll have to start dialysis very soon – a process that
compromises any future kidney transplant and could shorten my life.
I need to find a living donor. My dream is to resume the active life I
once shared with my wife and others and to continue my work on behalf
of the environment and PKD. Can you help? There are many ways
to get involved.
Thank you.

For more information, please contact me at 617-505-0683 or,
or visit us on the web at


Dear Friends,

As you may know, my husband, David Shakespeare, has been struggling with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) for several years.  PKD is a genetic and life-threatening disorder that has already claimed the life of his mother and oldest brother.  David currently has less than 20% kidney function and needs a new kidney urgently.  Otherwise, he’ll have to start dialysis – a process that compromises any future transplant and can shorten his lifespan.

David’s brother, John, and I have both offered to be donors, but were disqualified due to medical reasons.  Therefore, David and I have launched a website and social media campaign to help him find a living kidney donor – an extraordinary individual who might offer David the gift of a healthier and extended life.  With this incredibly compassionate and generous act, a living donor would allow David to resume the active life he once shared with our family and friends as well as continue his work on behalf of the environment, PKD research and organ donation.

I am writing now to ask for your help in meeting this challenge.  Will you join our campaign?  David’s website,, provides information about David, his experience with PKD, and the facts about living kidney donation.  It also describes the different ways people can get involved, which are outlined below.   

Become a Living Donor

Specifically, we are looking for someone with blood type O or A to become a living donor for David.  Individuals with other blood types could still help David get a transplant through a Paired Kidney Exchange.  If you or someone you know is willing to become a living kidney donor, please visit David’s website or contact him at 617-505-0683, or call the Massachusetts General Hospital Living Kidney Donor Coordinator at 877-644-2860 to learn more about this process.  All donor expenses will be covered by David’s insurance and fundraising campaign. 


Contribute to David’s Fundraising Campaign

We have launched a fundraising effort to pay for expenses not covered by insurance, such as transportation costs, room and board, and lost wages for potential donors.  Any donation you choose to make would be greatly appreciated.  Please visit David’s account at if you wish to make a contribution on his behalf. 


Spread the Word  

Another option is to help us spread the word about David’s need for a living donor.  Sharing information about David’s website or this letter with your friends, acquaintances and any groups to which you belong would be a tremendous help.  There’s a poster on David’s website you can also download and hang in your community. 


The larger the circle you help us draw, the greater are David’s chances of finding that special person who will make the difference. To learn more, please contact David at 

617-505-0683 or

David and I believe that in times of crisis, people step up with incredible acts of kindness, generosity and caring.  It is our sincerest hope that you will join our effort.

With heartfelt thanks—